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Belgian beer Houten Kop 6.5° 25 cl


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The composition contains different kinds of grain, malts and our own hops, belgian Poperinge. The whole is flavoured beautifully with a dozen of pure and natural herbs, some of which, according to medieval literature, are medicinal.
The malt barley, roasted in the traditional way, causing the amber color in a natural way.
A triple fermentation process gives the beer a characteristic taste.
It is advisable to serve the Houten Kop fees, directly from the refrigerator. For lovers of beer at cellar temperature, the flavor will be more pronounced. Pour strongly to get a beautiful fake pass and a beer crystal clear. If you want even more flavor and a supplement for your health, consume then also the small deposit of yeast vitale (famous for his influence natural on the human body).

Enjoy it anytime. Please do not hesitate to use it in the kitchen ; a marinade with Houten Kop miracles... and you will definitely not have hangover the next day.

Country Belgique
Capacity 33 cl
Color Brune
Force 5° & 6°
Type Apéritive
Taste Epicé

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Belgian beer Houten Kop 6.5° 25 cl

Belgian beer Houten Kop 6.5° 25 cl

The Beer Houten Kop is a recipe contemporary from and made by a true inhabitant of Zele. The brewery Strubbe breaststroke really craft according to the ancient tradition, which guarantees excellent quality.

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