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Belgian beer Malheur 10° 33 cl


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The Malheur 10° is also always called Woe is Me (MM). "MM" is the number in the latin quarter, which refers to the second millennium, the year during which the beer has been on the market.
The connoisseur Michael Jackson (The Beer Hunter describes the taste of the Malheur 10° as " an aroma of peach to the suspicion of pink, with spicy notes of orange zest and lemon ". The beer, the dress literally yellow sun, and the rich texture of honey, or oily, has a strong body and a touch of bitterness, a bit acidic in the aftertaste, the finish is warm. "In a nutshell, this blonde beer tasting at 10 % of volume of alcohol will not fail to attract lovers of the world.

How to serve it ?

In the bottle

The Malheur 10° will reveal all its taste when served according to the rules of the art of a glass of Unhappiness, to provide a unique experience and pure pleasure.

Before being filled, the glass Woe must be perfectly clean, degreased and dry, so that all the accents of the beer can express itself.

Make sure that you form a foam collar generous, so that the beer contained in the glass is protected as much as possible from contact with air, and thus oxidation, which would change its taste. Well served, the beer will also be more appealing... to the eye as to the palate !

  • Temperature of service : 10 to 12℃
Country Belgique
Capacity 33 cl
Color Blonde
Force 9° & 10°
Type Apéritive
Taste Epicé
Une Bière énorme

T'en bois deux ....

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Belgian beer Malheur 10° 33 cl

Belgian beer Malheur 10° 33 cl

The Beer Malheur 10 is produced by Brewery de Landtsheer. This beer is powerful and spicy

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