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Belgian beer Wilderen Hood 6.2° 33 cl


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Brewery Wilderen tells a story of yore, which makes us go back in time to the year 1642.

The operation of Wilderen was a unit of economic production that provided for its own needs. With the wood from the trees, they built the farm, half-timbered, with the earth, the walls of the farm, while the sheep and cows provided milk, wool and leather. Agriculture and livestock are allowed to feed themselves.

The large farms like that of Wilderen had their own pots, in which the dregs left in the direction of the stables, where is now the brewery dating back to 2011. If people knew how to put the heart to work at the operation, it was also known to party with dignity ! In particular, during the fetes, which lasted for several days in a row.

The history of the village which follows summarizes things well : Among the guests, there was a hunchback who before falling asleep in his intoxication, was in the habit of singing loudly : "A small jug, a very small man. What is full empties easily ! "With what we brewed there, it was not difficult to quench your thirst this thirsty cousin !

At the time, the brewery was located at the place where the bakery, the dairy and the wash-house were built later. Below the current home, you can still see the stone foundations of the brewery.

Country Belgique
Capacity 33 cl
Color Blonde
Force 5° & 6°
Type Spéciale
Taste Epicé

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Belgian beer Wilderen Hood 6.2° 33 cl

Belgian beer Wilderen Hood 6.2° 33 cl

The Wilderen Hood is a belgian beer, golden colour, top-fermented.
Strong and irresistible... a Young character.
Wilderen Hood is a blond beer with high fermentation, easily accessible with a 6.2 % alcohol.
It is a perfect alternative to a pils, refreshing, or an abbey beer light.

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