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Box 4 Beers Kwak + 1 Glass Kwak


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The Beer Kwak is a beer of type special to high fermentation. This excellent beer, amber in color, is brewed by brewery Bosteels.

Its alcohol content is 8.4 %.

This beer should be served in a glass with a unique shape, the "glass box".

According to the brewery, its shape allowing them to hang on the glass in the carriage to eat it without going down. According to some, the legend has it that the name of the beer comes from the noise that one hears when one drinks from his glass ass-dry, and the air goes back in, leaving hear the famous kwak".

In fact, it is the name of the inventor of the beer, in 1791, the brewer Pauwel Kwak.

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Country Belgique
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Box 4 Beers Kwak + 1 Glass Kwak

Box 4 Beers Kwak + 1 Glass Kwak

The wooden cabinet of beer Kwak - Including 4 bottles of beer Kwak 33 cl + 1 glass Kwak

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