Blanche de Bruxelles 75 cl


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This is the Lefebvre Brewery who brewed the Blanche de Bruxelles. This is a beer in the yellow dress, disorder (due to the large share of wheat that enters into the composition of this beer) and the foam is thin and white. This beer is brewed with various spices, such as coriander and orange peel, and is then re-fermented in the bottle, which allows him to express even more of its flavors.

It is therefore quite naturally a refreshing beer, very aromatic. The nose is citrus, with notes of coriander and spices. In the mouth this beer is the flavor of orange, spicy with a hint of yeast.

Country Belgique
Capacity 75 cl
Color Blanche
Force - de 5°
Type Désaltérante
Taste Epicé

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Blanche de Bruxelles 75 cl

Blanche de Bruxelles 75 cl

Brewed by brew by the Lefebvre Brewery in Belgium, a Blanche de Bruxelles is a refreshing beer with notes of spices.

This beer as 4.5°

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